Forest governance and certification

With over 10 years’ international experience, the ETICWOOD team places particular importance on the legality, traceability and certification of forest, agroforestry and carbon products to guarantee quality and transparency at all stages of the process and secure their place on the market.

The sustainable management of forest ecosystems and agroforestry systems must at the very least comply with all legal requirements and international agreements of the project host countries.

Concrete actions

ETICWOOD's objective is to establish its credibility and commitment to environmental responsibility by controlling the entire supply chain of its products from planting to marketing, and by providing concrete and appropriate solutions to fulfil these commitments.

Implementing wood legality verification systems (LVS), carrying out due diligence audits, assisting in certification processes, ETICWOOD supports institutional and private actors to ensure their activities and products comply with current legislation and regulations.

ETICWOOD actively supports the commitments made by the European Parliament to the EUDR (European Union Deforestation Regulation).

This policy aims to reduce the EU's contribution to global deforestation and forest degradation by implementing corporate due diligence controls to promote the marketing of 'deforestation-free' products and minimise the risk of products from supply chains associated with deforestation or forest degradation.


  • Compliance with European legislation: EUDR and due diligence

    In our opinion, checking the origin and legality of a product is more than an eco-responsible approach, it is a civic duty!

    Due diligence is a means of identifying and eliminating potential negative impacts on humans and the environment along the product chain.

    When importing timber, agroforestry products or spices, ETICWOOD performs due diligence audits for its public and private buyers.

    Our services cover all stages of the process: contacting suppliers and actors in the supply chain, collecting, centralising and analysing all the necessary documents until an impartial and comprehensive report is produced.

    This report then becomes a real risk management tool for our clients, who are anxious to fulfil their civic obligations.

    FLEGT VPA Programme

    ETICWOOD assists institutions and private actors to allow them to achieve the target of multilateral forest governance programmes such as the AFD EU FLEGT Programme.

    Present in many countries, ETICWOOD supports forest administrations, companies and Civil Society Organisations in the implementation of Voluntary Partnership Agreements (FLEGT VPA).

    Consequences of the new European regulations

    L’UE étant indirectement responsable de plus de 10 % de la déforestation mondiale, le Parlement européen a voté à la majorité le 13 septembre 2022 en faveur d’un nouveau règlement qui obligera les entreprises à effectuer des contrôles de diligence raisonnable pour s’assurer que les produits vendus et commercialisés en Europe ne sont pas liés à la déforestation, à des impacts environnementaux et à des violations des droits de l’homme. ETICWOOD accompagne les acteurs institutionnels et privés dans une mise en conformité de leurs produits.

  • Traceability systems are used to provide information on the journey of wood or agroforestry products from the forest or producer through storage and transport to the consumer. These systems verify that the raw material for the products comes from legal, responsible or otherwise acceptable sources, and that the exact history of the product is known.

    ETICWOOD helps its clients to organise their operational activities and advises them on the most appropriate technologies for storing information on the ground, and helps them design their databases and analyse production data.

  • Certification is the best way not only to enhance the value of its products, but also to promote and communicate to its clients the company's fulfilment of a number of economic, social and environmental commitments.

    • Accompagnement aux certifications forestières (FSC, Bois contrôlé, OLB, PAFC Source légale), agroforestières (RainForest Alliance, Commerce équitable…) et de chaîne de contrôle (FSC 100%, FSC Mix, PAFC, OLB)
    • On-site and remote training on all aspects of these certifications, for forestry administrations or within companies, in the form of coaching
    • Preparation and drafting of procedures, assistance in their application (pragmatic, relevant and applicable manuals covering all areas of certification, legal control, monitoring and assessment, responsible management, HSE, internal and external social issues, chain of custody)
    • Implementation of monitoring and evaluation methodologies (inspection sheets, definition of monitoring indicators etc.) together with databases to compile the results and the electronic publication of dashboards.
    • Carrying out of internal audits and action plans.

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