Through its Agroforestry division, ETICWOOD is committed to fighting against forest degradation and improving the well-being of local populations by the structuring of viable, responsible and innovative sectors.

Tropical rainforests are rich in life and natural resources on which indigenous peoples and local communities depend directly for their survival, but they also influence the future of all of us.

These resources are countless and their use is diverse: some are known and widely exploited, others less so, and still a certain mystery surrounds an incalculable range of products with unknown, or almost unknown, potential...

Concrete actions

The sectors that Eticwood seeks to develop are varied in nature, and may involve products such as cocoa, coffee or NTFPs such as spices, nuts, hazelnuts etc.

The watchwords governing the creation of these sectors are:

The organisation of communities around these sectors that value local knowledge makes it possible to guarantee a positive future for the ecosystem by using a dual approach:

  • 01.

    Conservation of biodiversity

  • 02.

    Diversification and creation of new sources of income for local and indigenous communities.

To secure a place on the market for these premium products, ETICWOOD created ECOCOA.

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A true catalyst for change, this artisanal chocolate factory brings producers and consumers closer together. It sources only from communities living in sustainably managed forest areas and uses an agroforestry production method.


  • Do you have an idea for a large-scale agroforestry project? ETICWOOD is right there with you!

    ETICWOOD carries out opportunity studies for sector development, which are incorporated into the policies of managers who apply socio-economic and environmental sustainability measures (i.e. Social Development Policy). The development and launch of new products can raise many questions and slow down the investment process.

    Therefore, the experts at ETICWOOD offer you:

    • A preliminary assessment of the situation
    • An analysis of the ecological conditions
    • Mapping of the players and stakeholders involved in your activities
    • Mapping of resource distribution
    • Concrete, relevant and tailor-made proposals to assist you in your investment process and in drafting a business plan.
  • Our network of major financial backers allows us to advise you on the possibilities of (co)-funding your shared value creation projects.

    Furthermore, ETICWOOD works with a wide range of actors on a daily basis to build transparent partnerships between concessionaires/managers and local communities for the sustainable exploitation of forest resources, with a strong foothold in the local landscape.

  • The simultaneous improvement of agricultural practices, yields and the quality of raw materials is an essential part of meeting the social, economic and environmental challenges of this century.

    Reducing the environmental impact and ecological footprint of a business is an issue that deserves special attention.

    The ETICWOOD team is right there with you throughout your agricultural production projects, drafting technical guidelines, providing advanced training in technical practices, assisting in preventive disease management, and managing your nurseries and large-scale socio-environmental programme.

    Our team can advise you in many areas: agroecological practices, the transition to organic farming, but also wild harvesting and NTFP collection.

    As new sectors often require advanced post-harvest processes, ETICWOOD designs, conceptualises and organises the development of relevant infrastructures to meet the quantitative and qualitative needs of the chosen sectors according to the local capacities and resources available.

  • Following the identification of opportunities, our experts will help you to achieve the results and make the appropriate sectors operational according to your needs.

    This support can include the effective implementation of these value chains, training for your staff, the structuring of producers and an analysis of the market and the relevant players for marketing a product, but also administrative and legal compliance, the export of finished products and organoleptic and quality analyses.

  • ETICWOOD's philosophy is to offer a responsible, integrated and consistent approach throughout the history of your products.

    To achieve this, our team supports you at every stage of the supply chain: from the identification of new market opportunities to the implementation of quality control followed by effective and profitable marketing of the product.

    This approach is implemented with a view to assessing socio-environmental impact through certification or labelling (organic, fair trade, Preferred by Nature etc.).

    Furthermore, with an international network that has been active for more than 10 years, ETICWOOD can help you form partnerships with public and private entities to implement your project or market your products.

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