Climate Action

Through its Climate Action division, ETICWOOD is committed to studying, designing and implementing decarbonisation projects for its clients that benefit the global environment, biodiversity and local populations, who are the first to suffer the adverse effects of climate change.

The potential for carbon sequestration and the rich biodiversity of forest landscapes make these projects a key element in the fight against climate change.

Recognising that tropical forests hugely contribute to atmospheric carbon storage prompted ETICWOOD to develop expertise in this area as well as in environmental services.

Concrete actions

Our team studies the possibilities of valuing the carbon sequestered by agroforestry systems on international carbon markets and supports project leaders, taking into account technical, social, environmental and financial aspects.

ETICWOOD's commitment to carbon is reflected in a thorough understanding of the production and use of biochar, which is a vital solution for the future.

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Prise de terre

PRISE DE TERRE, a daughter company of ETICWOOD, is based in Wagnelée, Belgium. In addition to simple biochar production, it offers carbon compensation programmes and is a pilot Research & Development centre for agronomic, forestry and energy engineering projects focusing on biochar.


  • Definition, development, operational implementation, coordination and monitoring of nature-based solutions (NBS) projects:

    • Afforestation and reforestation projects (ARR);
    • Reducing deforestation and forest degradation (REDD+) projects;
    • Improved Forest Management (IFM) projects;
    • Improved agricultural and agroforestry land management (ALM) projects;
    • Biochar generation projects (see the next section).

    Identification of voluntary carbon certification (VCS, Gold Standard, Puro Standard etc.) suitable for the project and implementation of a methodology recognised by the chosen standard in order to obtain the certification.

  • As the operator of PRISE DE TERRE, its biochar production and research and development unit based in Belgium, ETICWOOD has genuine technical expertise in this field.

    ETICWOOD supports all types of stakeholders in the development of energy solutions, sequestering carbon, through the design and implementation of innovative, circular and sustainable projects based on the use of biomass and the electricity production via a co-generation system.

    We test, analyse and transform various types of raw materials (shreds, forestry chips, agricultural co-products etc.) to increase use of biochar and support the development of this technology in Europe across various sectors: agriculture, livestock, water and soil treatment etc.

    ETICWOOD also assists forestry and agricultural operators in the development of energy and environmental projects. We study the feasibility and design of biochar production units, together with co-generation modules, based on wood waste or organic matter from industrial processes. A Negative Emission Technology recognised by the IPCC, biochar has a high potential on the carbon market offering real economic opportunities for forestry and agricultural companies.

  • ETICWOOD supports you in identifying financial partners, allowing you to purchase the carbon credits generated by your project.

    ETICWOOD's experts are able to intervene at any stage of project implementation in order to value the carbon sequestered by agroforestry systems on international carbon markets, taking into account the technical, social, environmental and financial aspects.

  • To limit the impact of your activities on the environment and the climate, ETICWOOD offers technical support and assists you in reducing your greenhouse gas emissions.

    • Carbon footprint of your company or project;
    • Value chain analysis
    • Action plan to avoid or reduce emissions, accompanied by implementation support;
    • Action plan for carbon sequestration, accompanied by implementation support;
    • Proposals for compensation projects;
    • Performance of a life cycle analysis.

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