About us

As a company specialised in the field of sustainability in tropical forestry and agroforestry, ETICWOOD provides advice, expertise and technical assistance on the ground to its partners through its offices in Europe and Africa.

Through its numerous projects across five continents, ETICWOOD is developing and diversifying many sectors, and working to preserve the ecosystems on which they depend.

The economic and social empowerment of communities and the implementation of sustainable development initiatives in agriculture and agroforestry are part of our ongoing concerns.

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Who we are?

As an explorer of solutions, ETICWOOD is made up of a team of young and dynamic engineers supported by a large network of international experts committed to improving the management of natural resources and land.

Influential studies and projects in more than 20 countries

A production, research and development centre for Biochar

A permanent team of forestry bioengineers, agronomists, civil engineers and field botanists

Forest, fair trade and bean-to-bar chocolate made in our Ecocoa chocolate factory


Given the increasing erosion of biodiversity, ETICWOOD sees itself as an explorer and developer of innovative solutions, seeking to align the productivity of ecosystems, the well-being of local populations and the competitiveness of companies in order to preserve natural environments.


To provide sustainable and inclusive solutions to the climate crisis and biodiversity erosion through:


Support to institutions, administrations and companies in charge of land use planning, forests and agriculture


A consultancy service for the public and private sectors to promote responsible use of ecosystems, territories and resources


Development of ethical, zero-deforestation sectors, supported by rural communities


Restoration of ecosystems, in particular forest landscapes;


Definition and implementation of decarbonisationstrategies.

Our values

Purpose and commitment

Because it is important for us to be proud of our work when we return from the office or from an assignment, ETICWOOD pays especial attention to having a positive impact on the world of tomorrow, by contributing in our own way every day to more sustainable forestry, to the biodiversity conservation and the fight against social inequalities.

Vertical integration

As our projects are integrated and involve many players, ETICWOOD is careful to propose and set up transversal and inclusive associations that guarantee beneficial, profitable and fair opportunities for each link in the value chains, from upstream to downstream.


We don't simply produce documents, we are actively involved in finding and implementing practical solutions that deliver concrete and positive results. ETICWOOD favours small, credible actions that respond to a need and make a modest impact, rather than grand concepts that never see the light of day.

Enthusiasm and dynamism

Because we are convinced of the importance of pooling everyone’s skills, passions and ideas to address current and future environmental and social issues, we share our positive energy and our exuberant dynamism with all our partners in the search for and implementation of solutions.