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ETICWOOD is a balanced mix of experienced professionals and a young team of curious and motivated engineers and technicians. This combination makes ETICWOOD flexible and adaptable to any situation. Meet our amazing staff members...


Jérôme Laporte

Founder and Managing Director

Jérôme has dedicated nearly two decades to managing, protecting, and restorating tropical forests, in order to improve the logging models. Passionate about nature, he devotes his free time to exploring mountains … and forests.


Julien Philippart

Deputy Director

Committed on all fronts, Julien shares his passion and energy with the entire ETICWOOD team. Apart from managing the Brussels office and its missions, he devotes most of his free time to his family and garden


Marie-Joëlle Delmoitié

Administrative and Financial Officer

Marie-Jo graduated from the Solvay Business School. Before joining ETICWOOD as HR and Office Manager, she was involved in vanilla and green pepper export from Madagascar.


Marie d'Aspremont

Agroforestry and Value Chains Officer

After travelling through Central and East Africa, Marie is now immersed between forests and delicacies, at the heart of agroforestry. Cocoa, spices or dried fruits, she's ready to meet the challenge !

Damien Minchilli

Damien Minchilli

Climate Action Project Officer

Damien had several opportunities to set foot on the African continent and its tropical forests through his journey. At ETICWOOD, he feeds on carbon projects with, field missions as dessert!

Giani Razab-Sekh

Giani Razab-Sekh

SFL Technical Assistant

Giani is a Surinamese-based tropical forester with over 8 years of experience in Reduced Impact Logging (RIL), silvicultural research, lecturing, forest management certification, community forestry, forest economics, and project management. Strongly believe that responsible landscape management is a Nature-Based Solution that benefits both people and nature in perpetuity, he is trained to audit forestry operations in tropical regions against the FSC and Legal Source standards. He has established strong connections within Suriname's forestry sector. Additionally, he has demonstrated exceptional project management and communication skills. His personal career objective is to further expand the understanding of tropical forest management and develop expertise in best practices while contributing to the success of businesses, individuals, and the environment


Thibaut Smeets

Climate Action Project Officer

After graduating as a bioengineer, Thibaut set out to discover temperate and boreal biomes. Today, he feeds his passion for tropical environments at ETICWOOD.


Elisa Di Francesco

Climate Action Project Officer

Recent graduate, Elisa gains her first professional experience by working on the biochar project, an innovative Climate Action tool.

Nathalie Faure_carré

Nathalie Faure

Forest Governance Lead

With 15 years of experience in Africa and Asia, Nathalie oversees the coordination of the APV FLEGT Programme for Eticwood. Her expertise includes land tenure, community rights, and timber legality.

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