ETICWOOD is an explorer and developer of innovative solutions, seeking to align ecosystem productivity, the well-being of local populations and the competitiveness of companies with a view to preserving natural environments.

The services implemented by ETICWOOD and described on this page are closely related, none of them should therefore be analysed individually. ETICWOOD's work is based on three main pillars: forests, agroforests and carbon. Governance is a cross-cutting aspect of all three areas.

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Forest management

Concrete and tailored support to public and private stakeholders in the forest management and wood sector by offering studies, technical assistance, analyses and training at all levels of forestry in order to sustainably enhance ecosystem services: sustainable certification, rational exploitation, restoration, planting.


Ethical, integrated, zero-deforestation agroforestry sectors that boost village production while helping to protect these fragile ecosystems: direct partnerships with small-scale producers to ensure sustainable and profitable production.

Climate action

Scientific expertise and energy solutions to meet your needs and fight climate change through carbon sequestration and compensation: forest restoration, biochar production, carbon flow analysis.


Concrete and customised actions to improve the effective implementation and application of your commitments to sustainability, quality and due diligence: traceability tools, assistance with certification, legality verification systems, quality control.

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