The power of Ayous


The power of Ayous

Did you know that Cameroonian cocoa farmers used to plant cocoa farms in areas rich in Ayous (Triplochiton scleroxylon)?

During our field missions, we noticed that stands of Ayous are found on rich soils with good drainage, which are particularly suitable conditions for cocoa trees! This phenomenon was highlighted by Anaïs Gorel from Gemboux Agro Bio Tech in 2012.

In our projects in Cameroon, we work with a village that has even given the name Ayous to the area in which the majority of the old cocoa farms are grouped, which are still maintained today.

Despite their age, these cocoa farms still produce good yields, with a lower workload than the younger cocoa farms. In addition, they offer cocoa with potentially interesting aromatic characteristics, making it possible to produce excellent chocolate !