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Solutions for tropical wood supplies

ETICWOOD designs solutions for the supply of legal and traceable tropical timber.

It offers consulting services to administrations and timber companies for the design and implementation of wood traceability and legality compliance systems in the frame of the  EUTR.

ETICWOOD undertakes market studies for the development of new timber products or the installation of companies on new geographical areas. It also identifies sources of supply for traceable and legal timber.

Eticwood has worked for more than 10 years with timber companies in tropical forests. In this respect, it developed a large network of timber industries putting into practice their social and environmental commitments.

Depending on the type of product required, ETICWOOD identifies sources of supply that meet specific criteria of sustainability, legality and quality.
ETICWOOD validates the enterprises legal documentation to ensure compliancy with the local regulations and guarantees the traceability and conformity of the supplies.