Welcome to Chloe!

Chloé Mitard

Welcome to Chloe!

Chloé, specialized in managing environmental projects in international cooperation, has joined our team as Partnerships and Project Development Manager. She manages different phases of the project management cycle on different themes, from acquisition to backstopping, including communication and the implementation of relevant tools for effective project management.

Graduate of 2 Masters from the University of Lille (Master IPC, Engineering of Cooperation Projects, 2013) and the University of Tours (Master GHCE, Hydrosystems, Watersheds and Environmental Management, 2007), Chloé works in the environmental sector for over 13 years internationally. She has carried out several missions abroad, notably studies in Niger on access to water in an urban, rural and agricultural context, in Vietnam on the phenomena of monsoons and land erosion, in Iraq for the urban management, and in the Comoros, for a project on climate change. She also managed and coordinated the EU FrameWorks contracts in Environment (FWC BENEF 2013-2017 and FWC SIEA 2018-2022), as well as in Air Quality (ENV/2021/OP/0017), and on the World Food Program (WFP).

Chloé will initially work on the design of tools and general project management and will support the team in the development of new innovative projects.

Good luck to her on this mission, and once again welcome to Eticwood!