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Certification and quality management process

Companies are growing, legal contexts are changing, technology is becoming increasingly complex.


At the forefront of new technologies, ETICWOOD supports companies and forestry administrations
in the creation of their quality systems.

Therefore, ETICWOOD provides web and mobile tools to centralize legal and regulatory documentation, as well as to monitor the action plans.

ETICWOOD supports forest administrations in the development of their Legality Verification Systems (LVS) and timber traceability monitoring in the framework of the EU Timber Regulation (EUTR).

In addition, ETICWOOD elaborates personalized action plans according to forest operators needs to comply with the requirements of the EUTR (due diligence) or to achieve sustainable forest management (FSC, PEFC), legal (OLB) and / or traceability certifications.

For the design of adapted quality management systems, ETICWOOD analyses the specific context and the expectations of every single operator, and considers especially the following aspects:


  • Definition of the operator's objectives

  • Local legal requirements and main export markets

  • Commitments for traceability and / or responsible management certifications

  • Procedures and customs of work, workers skills and competencies

  • Identification of the main actors, their responsibilities and functions

  • "Technological" environment